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"Flavio mixed our band's (J & The Rest) most recent single, and wow what a fantastic job he did! Absolutely devoted himself to ensuring we got from the song exactly what we wanted as well as offering his own invaluable advice which we eventually implemented into the  mix. We will 100% be using him again 🤙🏽"

Jamal, J & The Rest
J & The Rest

"4AM Again" 2017

First song I mixed for J & The Rest. It's a live acoustic rendition of one of their songs.

Great Performance

J & The Rest

"Call it What You Want" 2017

I personally love this song, it was a pleasure to mix as I think the arrangement works so well. The band also gave me complete freedom to explore and experiment. Keep an eye on these guys!

Kentish Fire

"In our band" 2015

Very fun band to work with and one of the clients that gave me the chance to grow as an engineer. It took a lot of production but everyone was happy about the result.


I would never call myself a mastering engineer. I'm not Bob Kats. But I love having a look at the big picture and try to do-no-harm.


"Il Piccolo Cinema Di Beseno" 2013

One of the fist mastering jobs I did. I'm still very proud of it.


"TrePezzi" 2014

I love post rock. Mastering this album was an absolute pleasure.

Sound Design For Music

I simply love experimenting and manipulating sounds.

Flavio Buonerba

"Original Material for collaboration with In A Sleeping Mood" 2014

This was a fun project that truly forced me outside my comfort zone. I'm so proud of it.

Sound Design To Picture
Karin Capuano

"An Honest Night" 2012

One of the post production to picture jobs I did.

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